Waar is dat feestje, hier is dat feestje!


De resultaten

  • Barbara Minneci – 4e plaats
  • Kevin Van Ham – 7e plaats
  • Michèle George – GOUD
  • Manon Claeys – BRONS

Een grote felicitatie aan alle deelnemers en een welverdiende shout-out naar de beste paarden van de wereld!

Aanbevolen nieuwsartikelen

  • 21/04/2024

    Start of the season for Manon Claeys

    Manon Claeys is smiling at the CPEDI in Waregem. Yet, shesays she’s a little disappointed with her performance, with71.722% in Friday’s GP and 67.378% the next day.

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  • 20/04/2024

    Prestigious visit this Saturday morning

    Prestigious visit this Saturday morning to CPEDI**/*** Waregem : His Excellency Masahiro Mikami, Ambassador of Japan, who came to encourage his compatriots engaged in the morning classes.

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    PHOTO 2024 04 20 15 25 30
    PHOTO 2024 04 20 15 25 30
  • 19/04/2024

    Singaporean delegation also present

    Among the 17 nations present at the CPEDI**/**** in Waregem, some competitors come from very distant countries. Among them, a Singaporean delegation who welcomed us with a smile after Hui’en Hilary Su’s performance despite the unwelcome weather conditions this Friday morning.

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